Herbie days out in Ireland

Our lush Irish countryside, hedgerows & gardens offer spectacular places to discover & forage medicinal herbs.

Visitors to our dispensary often ask us to recommend places to visit where they can see medicinal herbs.

Here are some great places to spend time with the herbs (in no particular order)… 

Plantain by the river in Cahir

Explore the hedgerows, native woodlands, river banks & fields: Open your eyes and bring your awareness to the weeds, bushes, trees and plants that are growing all over the countryside. Ireland is full of great walking tracks (check them out on discoverireland) and on these tracks you will find plenty of medicinal plants (Common wild plants you may see – Nettles, Red Clovers, Dandelions, Cleavers, Hawthorn, Oak, Horsechestnut, Eyebright, Elder, Birch, Tilia, Wild Rose, Yellow Dock, Milk Thistle, Self heal, Yarrow, Plantain, etc). Spend a day getting lost in the Irish countryside and really examine the  plants (a.k.a.weeds) growing all around you. Look them up and prepare to be amazed at all their uses. Take a foraging class or go on a herb walk if you’d like to learn more.


Mount Trenchard physic garden

Mount Trenchard physic garden: Dr Frieda Carmody created this amazing physic garden where you can see so many medicinal herbs growing in one place. It’s in a beautiful setting and when we visited we had the whole place to ourselves. It’s in Foynes, Co. Limerick. (if you’re in the area check out Glynn Castle garden too)

St Annes Physic Garden Clontarf - image from IRH

St Annes Physic Garden Clontarf – image from IRH

St Anne’s Physic Garden:  The garden was created to showcase traditional medicinal herbs and allow the public access to these wonderful healing plants. They have herbalists giving tours every second Saturday during the Summer – so definitely drop by if you want to learn more about medicinal herbs. Clontarf, Co. Dublin

(image from Burren Perfumery website)

(image from Burren Perfumery website)

The Burren Perfumery: We try to visit the perfumery at least once a year. It has a really cute herb garden which is small but jam packed full of herbs. They also have a great cafe, shop and perfumery. It’s in the heart of the Burren which is a great place to explore and you get to see some really interesting flowers & plants- check out burrenbeo for more info. The Burren, Co. Clare


Picking Dandelions

 Bring a plant identification book or take photographs of anything you don’t recognise. Never taste/eat anything you aren’t sure about. Be mindful if you’re foraging or visiting a garden.

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