Grapefruits decrease Vata, mildly increase Pitta and liquefy Kapha. They are alkalising, stimulant, expectorant, astringent and mucolytic. They help to digest sugars, fats (hypolipidaemic) and stimulate the liver & gallbladder (chologogue). They are high in anti-oxidants, promote longevity and are high in spermidine, lycopene & vitamin C.

Tastes: bitter, sour & sweet.

Grapefruits are a great option for breakfast if you are feeling congested, are kapha dominant, want to lose weight or do a detox. You can have grapefruits raw  or as a juice. Just remember to have fruits separate from other foods and never at the same time as dairy products. 

Contraindications: Grapefruits may interfere with enzymes, some pharmaceutical drugs (beta blockers, cyclosporine and anti-depressants) and may also increase the risk  of some types of kidney stones.


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