Feeling Phlegmy?

Try some natural solutions to reduce phlegm & congestion

  • Reduce/eliminate all dairy products particularly cold milk, ice-cream, cream & yellow cheeses
    • If you are having milk, heat it up and add warming spices (ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, etc).Try a dairy alternative (rice, coconut, almond, etc but avoid soy)
  • Avoid cold foods & drinks
  • Avoid Bananas
  • Reduce raw foods (if you are consuming them, add warming spices)
  • Reduce/eliminate wheat products
  • Choose nourishing meals like soups, curries & stews
  • Make a hot lemon & ginger drink
  • Increase vitamin C rich foods
  • Add barley to your diet (pearled barley to soups or rolled barley porridge for breakfast).
  • Add natural mucous reducers to your diet (garlic, ginger, black pepper, chilli, fenugreek, onions, turmeric, thyme & sage)
  • Try a simple steam with Chamomile or Thyme to alleviate nasal congestion

If you need advice or herbal medicines to help alleviate mucous congestion drop in to our dispensary or have a consultation.